These Boozy Barbershops Serve Up Stiff Drinks and Quality Crops

Mercifully, the barbers are most likely sober.

Along with so many other old-school grooming trends, the barbershop where you can get buzzed in more ways than one is back in fashion. Portland’s The Modern Man offers a complimentary bottle of local Upheaval IPA or a shot of Burnside Bourbon to customers, who socialize amid an impressive array of pomades, balms, gels, greases, mustache waxes, oils, shave soaps, and aftershaves. “We encourage people to get to know the guy sitting next to you—you might see him again,” says Modern Man head barber Nate Easton. His most popular haircut by far? “Side part on top, nice and short on the sides,” he says. “I believe in two types of haircuts—short and shorter. It lasts longer, and you’re gonna be happier.”

Russ Manley, owner of Ludlow Blunt in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, also endorses buzzed cuts this summer, as well as every other season. “I think clean, precision short cuts are good all year round,” he says. Manley—who joins Easton in recommending a good water-based pomade as the one product every man should own—is likewise in favor of offering a pre-cut drink: “Part of the relaxing experience of getting a quality cut is enjoying your beverage of choice,” he says. Big Kat’s Barbershop & Shave Parlor in Houston serves icy bottles of Lone Star to customers lining up for retro, rockabilly-style trims and hot towel shaves. Co-owner Crissy Salazar’s most urgent grooming tip? “Get rid of those beards,” she says. “Knock ’em off for summer. It’s time.”