These Mesh Sneakers Are the Answer to Summer Heat

After much sole searching, we found the perfect summer runabout.

Your feet are in a bind—though not literally, thank God. It’s May and feels like July, with high humidity and steady heat. Leather boots, oxfords, or loafers are not the move; at least out of the office when you have some sartorial wiggle room. Sandals give some men a greater sense of trepidation than freedom, and male foot-hygiene still lags behind overall male hygiene…to an odorous degree. Luckily, CLAE has introduced its mesh-walled Bruce sneaker, which blends a vintage tennis-shoe silhouette, contemporary sole tech, and ultimate breathability into a top-rate summer shoe. They’re like futuristic Keds, with less foot sweat. We love the Deep Navy/Lime colorway, which offers sneaker style and coverage with sandal-level ventilation. Get ‘em online

Photos by CLAE