These Sunglasses Will Still Be Cool After the Sun Explodes

A variation on the classic acetate square-frames has us thinking about forever.

The oceans may rise, the sun may combust and meteors may rain down upon Earth and, yet, in that molten, post-apocalyptic land, square-framed sunglasses would still be the ultimate currency of cool. No other accessory has that fad-transcending style wattage, so you might as well be a value investor and pick up a great pair like Eyevan 7285’s 715s (the money went into the design, not the name). They’ve updated the classic Ray Ban shape with silver arms that protrude into the front of the lenses and a slimmed-down face. The deep indigo lens provide 100% UV protection, so you’ll never have to squint at your companion on the beach. Like many of the best products (knives, headphones, guitars), the Eyevans are hand-made in Japan by folks who aren’t overstating the point when they call themselves artisans. We can’t promise that you’ll survive the apocalypse, but if you do, why not look good on the other side? [$510;]