These Washable Moncler Sneakers Are Made Using 3D Printing

No stitching or laces in sight.

3D printing continues to pick up speed, mostly when it comes to making gadgets and appliances — now, that same innovative technology finds its way into a pair of luxury sneakers made entirely from one material without stitching or laces.

Alpine-inspired luxury fashion outfitters Moncler teamed up with German 3D footwear maker Zellerfeld on the Trailgrip 3D Sneaker, which are being heralded as the sneakers of the future.


The Trailgrip 3D Sneakers (part of Moncler’s upcoming Fall/Winter 2023 line) look like something out of a sci-fi movie, boasting machine-made seamless construction made from recycled mono-material (a single-thread fiber) in a sleek stone gray.

The fashion house is no stranger to collaboration, including a travel-minded Moncler x Rimowa suitcase and the company’s Moncler Genius Collections (a rotating cast of designers and creatives working on limited-edition offerings).


Zellerfeld’s 3D shoes are machine-washable, and crafted in a “factory-free setting” without weak points or glue.


They’re also recyclable, but one imagines any Moncler fan or sneaker enthusiast will want to get as much wear as possible out of this $600 pair of fresh, forward-thinking kicks.

The shoe’s clean lines evoke rolling hills or the lush green of the Swiss Alps in the summertime, with a design that flows from the upper to the sole without a step out of place.


They join the existing line of futuristic Moncler sneakers, including the Trailgrip Lite, which takes cues from throwback mountaineering trends and sleek sneakers found on catwalks across the world.


Such a design effort can’t quite be found everywhere: They’ll only be offered to members of Moncler’s footwear community later this fall. But with all that being said: Could 3D sneakers be the next wave in the world of footwear? Only time will tell.