This Super Soft Loungewear Is Made From Bamboo

Stay 2 to 3 degrees cooler with these casual hoodies, joggers, and tees.

Cozy Earth Promo
Cozy Earth

You’ll find cotton, spandex, fleece and wool listed as primary materials printed on the tags of various garments, but Cozy Earth is using USDA-certified organic bamboo to create comfy clothes that aim to combine breathability with a super soft feel. 

Cozy Earth

What started out as a husband and wife’s mission to craft high-quality, temperature-regulating bedding has spawned a line of luxe loungewear that’s taken off with endorsements from celebrities like Tracy Morgan, Kevin Costner, and even Oprah, who boldly proclaimed the fabric as “the softest ever.”

We don’t know about all that, but here are some fast facts. Cozy Earth makes men’s jogger shorts, jogger pants, a pullover crew, and a hoodie that are all constructed of a 70 percent bamboo, 26 percent acrylic, and 4 percent spandex blend. Meanwhile, the stretch-knit lounge tee is made almost entirely of bamboo, with just 5 percent of the fabric makeup being spandex. 

Cozy Earth

According to the brand, the moisture-wicking fabric keeps wearers a full 2-3 degrees cooler at night.  All products are machine washable and come with a 10-year warranty that guards against fabric pilling and discoloration, and each buyer gets a 100-day trial period during which they can return their order for a full refund. 

Sam Spector

The same airy properties that keep you cool at night also make the loungewear suitable for a variety of summery looks curated by celebrity stylist Sam Spector, whether you want to combine the hoodie and jogger shorts for a quick errand or dress up the lounge tee with a cardigan or collared shirt.  

Priced from $64 to $116, Cozy Earth’s entire range of men’s loungewear is available for 20 to 25 percent off during a sitewide summer sale.