Timberland X North Face Boots Are Here To Kick Winter’s Teeth In

Hot or heinous?


Two iconic brands have joined forces for a mutant boot that’s sure to kick up some opinions among streetwear enthusiasts.

Timberland’s classic six-inch stomper has melded with the equally classic North Face Nuptse jacket for a boot that looks warm as hell, and also kind of weird. It’s as if someone slapped a puffy jacket on your favorite Tims. 


Basically the bottom of the boot is crafted from Timberland’s signature rugged leather, while the top is made with the The North Face’s super cozy shell fabric. Just imagine when you throw some thick winter socks into the equation!


Atmos NYC will be selling these limited edition, custom boots as the Timberland X The Northface 6″ Nuptse 700, and there’s no word yet on a release date or price, but we thought you should see them regardless. Would you wear these hybrid boots or not? 

H/T Hypebeast