Here Are Our Favorite Retro-Inspired Watches From New Timex Archive Collection

Celebrate over 160 years of timepiece history.


Timex is honoring its storied, 160-year history with its new Timex Archive collection.

The sharp-looking collection looks to classic timepieces from the venerable watch giant and then re-interpreted them with new technologies and modern design flares for the contemporary watch geek.

It is a great way to rock a vintage-looking timepiece without having to track down a collectible or risk paying top dollar on something that might not still function properly.

(Photo: Timex)

Anyone who wants to customize a watch from the various dials and straps included can build their own on an online “turntable.”

But sometimes it is easier to trust the pros. Timex has a vast array of “archive” watches categorized into three distinct collections: Offspring, Pioneers and Metropolis.

Here, some of our favorites from each:


Tailored for the preppy set, the Offspring collection borrows elements from Timex watches from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.

Weston Avenue — $140

Weekender Chrono — $129

Whitney Avenue — $130

Whitney Village — $125

Fairfield Village — $105


The Pioneers collection, distinguished by more rugged and sturdier straps, is perfect for the outdoorsman.

Navi Harbor — $135

NSN-1K — $150

Waterbury Chrono — $180

Allied Chrono — $155

Acadia — $75


City slickers should find use in these “urban utility”-inspired looks. Metal cases and bold designs set the Metropolis collection apart.

Allied Chrono – $170

Allied – $140

Navi Ocean — $155

Acadia — $90

Scout Chrono — $180

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