Timex Goes Retro With Q Digital Watch

1980s-style awesomeness.


Hollywood could learn something from the success Timex has had with rebooting old property. From their Todd Snyder collab, focused on merging Snyder’s gift for a casual, comfortable style that never gets old with Timex’s legacy of reliable and durable watches to the Connecticut-based watchmaker’s reissues of iconic 70s styles with the Q Timex line, they’ve had a string of hits.

Timex starts easing out of the wild and funky 1970s with another reissue, the very 1980s-style Q Timex Reissue Digital LCA.


The LCA in the model’s name stands for liquid crystal analog and it recreates the original timepiece first designed in 1989 in every way, including the unusual analog-digital (ana-digi) display.

Timex made improvements, of course, and while there are updated features like a stainless-steel case, they did keep their old school single-bulb backlight rather than using the brand’s Indiglo function.

Some more details from Timex’s official release:

• The signature Q Timex adjustable steel bracelet
• Analog and digital displays
• Alarm functions in addition to a chronograph and count-down timer
• Choice between 12 or 24-hour time displays
• Two time zones
• 30 meters of water resistance
• 32.5mm case, 9mm height, 20mm lugs


Another hallmark of the popular Q reissues remains the same as well, the excellent price point: $149. 

Don’t wait, either—this line of watches tends to sell out fast. You can purchase yours on Timex.com and at retailers around the world.