Timex and Todd Snyder Hit the Bullseye With Militaristic ‘Mod Watch’

The 1970s-era Timex gets an eye-popping modern upgrade.


(Photo: Todd Snyder/Timex)

Last season, storied American watchmaker Timex teamed up with rising menswear designer Todd Snyder for a vintage-inspired timepiece that utilized a muted dial and a Red Wing leather strap. While that model had rugged appeal and patina in spades, they have really hit the bullseye with their latest collaboration.

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The new “Mod” watch closely follows the design of the bygone Timex Sprite, a 1970’s-era military watch with a bullseye design on the dial. The diameter of the face has been increased from that of a quarter to 40mm, and the timepiece has been outfitted with a ridged gray nylon strap for a more modern punch.

“For me, Timex has always been about heritage and classic American style, but for me, this watch read very modern,” Todd Snyder told us. “It’s an old 1970s military design so it’s very utilitarian but still has this very graphic look that makes it modern” (hence, the name “Mod”).

The active color pops of the bullseye seamlessly meld with Todd Snyder’s equally eye-catching Spring 2017 line, which sports a louche racing vibe. Think Talladega Nights but for someone a hell of a lot more style-minded than Ricky Bobby.

(Photos: Todd Snyder)

“This season is about motor sports so it’s very inspired by Monaco formula racing from the ’50s and ’60s,” Todd Snyder said. “The watch also has kind of a racing style so it fits perfectly.”

Todd Snyder and Timex are on the road for continued success. The “Mod” watch, which retails for $138, sold out almost immediately after going up online but will be back in September, when they can finally crank out some more.

They intend to follow it up with fresh collaborations each season.

Until then, shop all their collaborations on the Todd Snyder online store.