Tissot Updates PRX 35 Automatic Watch With Two New Colorways

Now in gold and ice blue.

A watch with more than four decades of hyped heritage is worth referencing, and it’s certainly worth revamping in quick succession. That’s the case with the Tissot PRX 35MM Powermatic 80, which debuted in June to great fanfare and now gets a fresh new look and two new color schemes.


The watch is a fitting homage to the 1978 Tissot PRX 35mm, and was billed by Tissot as a watch “everyone has been waiting for” upon its release earlier this summer.

The watchmaker noted that the rebooted silhouette does its duty faithfully, as it “breathes new life into this timeless design.”


The PRX 35mm Powermatic 80 now comes with a vivid ice blue dial set inside a 316L-stainless steel case, with the dial reflecting and catching light, according to Tissot.

It’s billed as a look with “timeless aesthetics” that fuse nicely with “contemporary technology,” and Tissot absolutely hit the mark quite easily.


It’s tough to decide which timepiece is more classic and visually appealing, as the PRX 35mm also comes in a crisp gold PVD-coated case featuring a gold waffle dial.

Taken together with the throwback-minded 35mm case size, the impact is pleasingly retro and well-suited to pairing with a breezy knit sweater polo and leather loafers.


While both new colors are impressive and certainly stylish, the PRX 35mm is designed with dial options across the spectrum, including sleek black, plus stylish green, blue and white mother-of-pearl selections.

These timepieces aren’t simply built for show: The PRX 35mm Powermatic 80 boasts a stunning 80-hour power reserve, complete with a Nivachron balance hairspring for enhanced precision.


Tissot also seems to recognize that this style of watch is a fan favorite, and worthy of being worn in the wild: The 35mm Powermatic 80 line starts at $695, and promises to be a fast seller among Tissot enthusiasts.

Then again, anyone craving a dash of retro style via an affordably priced timepiece would do well to get their hands on the latest from Tissot.