Tom Brady Talks New Sunglasses Line, Favorite Watches and His Super Stylish Magazine Collection

The legendary QB talks with Maxim about his favorite shades and watches, his undying love for “Architectural Digest,” and playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Kevin O’Brien

Even Tom Brady is prone to too much time in front of a screen, so when it comes to expert vision, you can probably trust the NFL GOAT. Given that Brady now makes his home in sunny Florida as the newly minted QB of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it makes perfect sense that the future Hall of Famer would team up with Danish eyewear designer Christopher Cloos on a new line of super stylish frames.

Just in time for the start of the NFL season, Brady worked with Cloos on both sunglasses and eyeglasses, featuring the kind of classic style and functionality that’ll add some serious flash to your own eyewear rotation. It gets better: The collection’s sunglasses ($189) and eyeglasses ($179) retail at prices that mean you can snap up a few pairs without the salary of an NFL quarterback.

In a nod to Brady’s prowess under center, each glasses case features six rings in a nod to Brady’s six career championships. That success doesn’t come without some serious studying, so Brady emphasized the importance of Blue Light eyeglasses — armchair quarterbacks and Zoom call veterans, take note.

To wrap it all up with an eye toward the future, the collection’s frames are made from biodegradable material. But how exactly does an NFL quarterback make his way into the world of luxury eyewear? Where does Brady’s inspiration come from? And how’s he feeling about this year’s NFL season? We recently caught up with the superstar quarterback to talk sunglasses, style and football. 


Tell us how this eyewear collaboration with Christopher Cloos came about?

I actually met with Julius, the CEO of Christopher Cloos in person in the beginning of the year, and we discussed collaborating on a new line. He had a designer and engineer in the room, and I was blown away by their creativity and level of excitement for making something stylish and functional together that people would really love.

We talked about my commitment to my health – my own well-being, my family, and the environment. That’s when we first talked about our collection incorporating blue light protection lenses. In today’s day and age, we are seemingly always in front of a screen. Personally, I put a lot of time into watching film – at the stadium, the practice facility, on the road, at home. This really takes a toll on our vision and quality of sleep, so I knew right away blue light protection needed to be a part of my line. Beyond the design, these glasses are another tool in the toolbox that gives me a competitive edge.

I was also determined to make them environmentally friendly. They were able to make the frames in my line from biodegradable material. Christopher Cloos is building for a sustainable future and this is something that will be important to all businesses in the future and Cloos is ahead of the trend.

Kevin O’Brien

You’re also a major fan of watches and a brand ambassador for IWC watches. What are your all-time favorite timepieces?

My current favorite everyday wear is the IWC TimeZoner Spitfire edition. I will wear the TimeZoner on a jeans and hoodie type of day. The Portugieser is my go-to dress watch—it has an amazing blue face with the Perpetual Calender and is very sleek. Those are definitely my two favorites but all IWC pieces are incredible. Their timeless design has always appealed to me.

Is there a specific “grail’ fashion item you really want to own — whether it’s a certain pair of sunglasses, a special watch, or a type of suit, jacket or sneakers?

To be honest, I am so proud to have my own line of eyewear. Sunglasses are like the best accessory for any look.

Kevin O’Brien

I read that you own every issue of Architectural Digest — tell me a little bit about that and how it inspired this collection?

I do! It’s so interesting to me to watch design continue to evolve, in everything from architecture to fashion. Technology is making innovations in design more accessible will only continue to move faster in the future. That’s why being part of the design process with Christopher Cloos was really special for me. When we first started discussing what my line could potentially be, the team had a designer in the room who brought my vision to life on paper. It was a crazy experience. In that moment he sketched out the frames that you see today. Seeing the line develop over the last six months has been amazing. I wanted a timeless, minimalist, elegant design…something that 20 years from now people would still think are cool, even as design continues to evolve. I think we nailed it.

On the football front: You recently made the move to Tampa Bay. What are you looking forward to about joining the Bucs and the season ahead? 

I think for all of us, the last six months have been different than usual. I couldn’t be more excited for the start of the season. It’s been great being in training camp and practicing in pads these last few weeks. I’m enjoying getting into a good rhythm with my new teammates and coaches and really just can’t wait to get out there and play.