Tom Ford’s Aviators Are Winter Goggles for City Streets

Not every pair of sunglasses goes with your overcoat.

Even if you’re not planning to risk snow-blindness on Alta or frostbite on Whistler, you’ll still going to need a “winter goggle,” something big-boned, dark-lensed, and serious. Copper-lensed Persols are for the beach. Tom Ford’s Charles Round Aviator is just that kind of broad-shouldered shade. In classic Tom Ford style, these are a bolder, high-style take on an American standby. The frames are slightly oversize, so they won’t be dwarfed by whatever cap or bulky scarf you’re wearing to stave off exposure. The lenses themselves are dark and polarized, giving you both some behind-the-tinted-glass anonymity and protection from winter glare (low winter sun plus a passing Escalade’s chromed 22-inch alloy can be a real retina-sear). Plus, highest-quality acetate corners and a black metal frame mean that these are built to survive. Toss them in the console of your Land Rover or forget about them in your pocket as you swing into the back of a cab—these frames won’t fold (well, metaphorically).[$380;]

Photos by Tom Ford