The Top 5 Spring and Summer Bomber Jackets

Deux Hommes selects the bombers that will get you noticed. 

Deux Hommes has partnered with to showcase only the dopest new designers worldwide whose kit will add flare to your wardrobe and get you noticed.  Deux Hommes’ mission is to support the most creative and badass emerging designers by putting them in the international spotlight.

Throughout the next few months, come journey with us as we put together better versions of looks you’ve grown accustomed to.  We will take garments and accessories such as sunglasses, bombers, blazers, and more and show you how you can pick cooler options while supporting new designers.

For our first installation we want to show how you can combat those chilly Spring and Summer nights.  We have put together 5 of our favorite Spring/Summer 2015 bomber jackets that we bet your friends aren’t wearing. (The better to stand out with and catch the eye of your next summer fling.)