You Can Now Trade Your Preowned Luxury Watch For Credit Toward a Brand-New Breitling

The deal for savvy watch collectors comes via online watch traders Crown & Caliber.


If you’re finally over that older Tag Heuer and ready to level up to a new Breitling Super Avenger, online watch market Crown & Caliber has a killer deal for you: Trade in your preowned luxury timepiece for credit toward a brand-new Breitling

The Swiss watchmaker has its own dedicated webpage for new trades.

Men’s Journal reports that the offer “makes Breitling the first major Swiss watchmaker to accept pre-owned watches for a new model.” 

Here’s how it works—and it’s pretty simple: Just go to and get a quote for the watch you’d like to sell. Then Breitling will send you a label and you ship the watch in. They authenticate it and boom—you’ll have a credit for the estimated value that you can redeem on Breitling’s website. 


The watchmaker promises you’ll get up to 20 percent more offered than you might get elsewhere, with an extra premium if the watch you’re getting rid of is an older Breitling. 

Breitling is, quite simply, seeking new and dedicated customers. They did it smartly too, as partnering with Crown & Caliber connects them with a service specializing in transactions like these.

There you go. Grab that old Omega or Breitling you want to upgrade and see what it’s worth today.