This Might Be The Ultimate Travel Jacket

It’s got pretty much everything you need.

Cubed Travel Jacket - NYC 1.jpg

When selecting a jacket to wear while traveling men often have to choose between something practical – and tactical – or stylish, because nothing currently being made qualifies as all three Now a Brooklyn-based startup called Clothing Arts has designed the Cubed Travel Jacket, an “Armani Meets Arc’teryx”-style all-purpose piece of outerwear that can go wherever your travels may take you.

Clothing Arts 

Fusing cutting-edge materials, minimalist design and expert construction, it’s made to be “practical enough for outdoor adventures but chic enough for urban living.” “I wanted a jacket that could be suited to any environment, regardless if I was in a meeting or hiking in the mountains,” says Clothing Arts founder Adam Rapp. “Why shouldn’t a city dweller have the same weather protection biking to work as an athlete training on the side of a mountain?”

Clothing Arts

He opted for sophisticated shades of black, slate and mountain blue, a collar that’s not too high or low, and interior/exterior pockets allowing for easy access without undoing the main zipper. Six other pockets and Security Clips add protected, on-the-road storage, while other features include a 3-way adjustable and removable hood, hidden waist cinchers, and adjustable sleeve cuffs.

Clothing Arts

Clothing Arts has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the jacket into production in time for a September launch. In 24 hours they reached over 50% of their $50k funding goal. Those who get in on Kickstarter will be able to score the jacket for $320, a steep discount over its eventual retail price of $440. 

So it’s suit up and wheels up….