Why the Ultracor Hypersonic Is the ‘Ultimate Legging’ For Ladies

These sleek leggings utilize compression technology from pro cycling shorts.

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When it comes to fashion, even activewear, technology and science are often left out of the equation. However, one company that’s been at the forefront of innovation in the space, is merging the two fields. Ultracor, known for luxurious activewear, has created the perfect cocktail of design, unparalleled quality, and top-of-the-line performance in the newest item to join its collection—the Hypersonic Legging. Aptly dubbed the “ultimate legging,” the new style utilizes unique technology to not only optimize the leggings themselves, but in a sense, the wearer as well.

Created out of co-founder Michael Ball’s desire to bring the benefits of professional cycling apparel to women’s activewear, the legging is the first of its kind to hit the market. 

Courtesy of T1

“The idea was to take the technology I’ve experienced in the sport of cycling, and to apply those elements and practices to the efficiency and performance of 360-degree movement—to take workouts to the next level by engaging every body and muscle group,” explains Ball. 

Inspired by the compression technology utilized for professional cycling shorts—which are strategically paneled to compress certain areas—the Hypersonic Legging has equal compression and release technology throughout. This revolutionary combination allows the wearer to perform at a higher level, prevents muscle strain and even pulls, by keeping the muscle groups constantly activated, while also promoting faster recovery after any given workout.

Courtesy of T1

This ultimate performance technology is also applied to a matching sports bra, for those who are as fashion-conscious as they are health conscious. Intended for any workout from running and cycling classes, to Pilates and CrossFit, this new design is setting the gold-standard for leggings. Given that the technology just hit the activewear scene, such a launch is bound to lead to the coveted style being named the next “it” item in athletic wear. 

Pre-order your own Hypersonic Legging at Ultracor.com before the official launch on November 10th.