This Super-Strong Denim Will Keep The Skin on Your Bones In A Motorcycle Crash

Unbreakable Denim is 300 times stronger than regular jeans.

Unbreakable denim.jpg


If you ride a motorcycle, you know that there are two different dangers you need to protect yourself from in a crash: injuries that might be sustained from an impact, and abrasions that come from sliding on the pavement. 

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The first one is easily mitigated: just wear a helmet (duh). But if you ever have to put your bike down on the asphalt, keeping your arms legs and back from being skinned to the bone means ditching your day clothes and suiting up in some heavy, hot clothing that you’ll want to strip off as soon as you reach your destination. 

Well the clever folks at Saint have come up with a great alternative to putting on a that unwieldy suit of armor every time you go out on a ride, and its called Unbreakable Denim

And when they say unbreakable, they really mean it. The company boasts that it’s 300 times stronger than regular denim, and they even have a cool demonstration that shows the difference between what happens to regular denim when it slides 50 meters in 4 seconds and what happens to the Unbreakable Denim. 

The strength comes from blending cotton denim with ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, or UHMWPE, a material that’s 15 times stronger and abrasion-resistant than carbon steel but feels soft and light just like regular denim. In other words, these clothes are literally as tough as nails.

 They’ve got shirts, vests and jeans for sale in their online store, but if you’re thinking about trying something out, it’s going going to run you $500 to $600. That sounds like a lot, but considering the material will last infinitely longer than a regular pair of denim jeans, it might actually be worth it in the long run. 

Here’s hoping you’ll never have to put them to the test. 

h/t Uncrate