Upgrade Your Wrist Game In 2023 With G-SHOCK’s Ignite Red Series

Take your pick of four G-SHOCK watches with a bold new color scheme.

The new year is as good a time as any to take stock of what’s in your closet and what’s on your wrist: A lively shot of color and rugged design via the new G-Shock Ignite Red Series might be a fine way to kick off your style resolutions.


Whether experimenting with the refined-yet-durable G-Shock ‘CasiOak’ or collaborating with the likes of John Mayer and Hodinkee, the pioneering watch brand is never one to rest on its laurels.


That ethos is best seen in the fiery, vibrant Ignite Red Series, which updates four of the brand’s most recognizable models.

The thinking behind selecting black and red was quite simple, as it turns out: Both red and black encapsulate the brand’s passion and strength, a fitting backbone for a company that’s sent its watches into all kinds of extreme conditions over the years.


The G-Shock GA100BNR-1A gets the red-and-black treatment with distinctive touches throughout its bezel and pusher buttons, plus the famed G-Shock logo itself.

And yet, G-Shock retained the same specs that make its timepieces so indispensable for global adventures, literally.

The GA-100 boasts world time functionality across 29 times, not to mention helpful features like a 1/1,000-second stopwatch.


The GA-2200BNR-1A also gets the new color treatment and includes the company’s utilitarian 200 meters of water resistance and a distinctive day-window dial design.


For those who prefer a clean look, the GA-2100BNR-1A uses visually striking red indices and the same signature case design that made the CasiOak a downright winner among watch enthusiasts earlier this year.


The lineup also includes the G-Shock GA700BNR-1A, a classically shock resistant analog-meets-digital watch that again includes essential water resistance, for good measure.

Each watch strikes the right balance between technical specs, utility and even a touch of style points, thanks to the bold black-and-red color scheme.

Perhaps the best part? Watches in the G-Shock Ignite Red Series range from just $99 up to $150, an accessible way to amp up your wrist game in 2023.