The Upstarts at SevenFriday Release Their First Iconic Watch

A young company makes a youthful watch that isn’t a pretender.

It’s hard for an upstart to succeed in an industry built on history and old-world precision, but with youthful pluck and a savvy social-media presence, SevenFriday watches has carved out a (square, stylish) corner of the luxury watch market all for itself. Following the success of its P-Series, SevenFriday has released the M-Series, featuring the company’s now-familiar shape, but with a darker, more mechanically intricate face. Rather than hands, the M2 uses concentric dials—hours, minutes, and seconds—to tell time. To match those central, revolving dials, SevenFriday has held the entire watch to the same stylish standard: polished steel, stamped leather straps and an intricate rear plate that few will see but all would enjoy. At under two grand, the SevenFriday has an approachable price that fits its youthful vibe—the perfect first watch for a guy who thinks watches are for the AARP set. [$1,690;]