The Boozy Deodorant That Will Actually Make You Smell Fresh

Feels good and lasts long.

The idea of using an all-natural deodorant is one we’re a bit skeptical of. Sometimes all-natural products are slightly less intense, which means you might need to use them more often, and I definitely don’t need my deodorant crapping out on me at 5 o’clock when I’m sidling up to the bar for happy hour.

But here I am, guys: a full 24 hours into swiping some all-natural deodorant under my arms and I smell surprisingly fine. More than fine, I smell fresh — all thanks to Ursa Major.

Ursa Major has made their name in the all-natural market, and while that’s great, we’re more impressed by the results their products deliver time and time again. Their latest release, a Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant, continues to carry that torch.

Yes, “hoppin.'” We thought (and asked) the same thing: “Hoppin, like hops? Like beer?” And indeed it is. In addition to aloe vera, shea butter, lemon peel extract, peppermint oil and eucalyptus leaf oil (what you need to take from that is it smells fresh and crisp and is also soothing to the skin) this new formulation includes hops extract.

While you’re not going to get a buzz — trust us, you’re not going to get any sort of buzz from this, not to say we tried — you will wake up the next morning with pits as fresh as when you rubbed it on. For once, this is an all-natural product that actually performs — and we like it.