Urwerk’s Baller Bronze ‘T-Rex’ Watch Features Dinosaur-Like Scales

Get wild with this claw-shaped luxury timepiece.


Urwerk relaunches the Bronze Age with its new extremely limited edition watch, the UR-100V T-Rex. To answer a pretty obvious question: Yes, the T-Rex was inspired by the most fearsome prehistoric predator, hence its gorgeous bronze case with a scale-like textured surface.

The T-Rex is a compact 41mm and one of its most unusual features is its shape, which hints at the form of a predator’s claw. 

As is typical with Urwerk’s eccentric and unique designs, the T-Rex bears some fascinating complications such as a rotating carousel holding three red indicators that track the planet’s rotation and progress through space over 60 minutes. 


The indexes are bright green for easy reading anytime and the T-Rex’s case back is made from black, finished titanium. The watch runs off a 40-jewel UR 12.02 automatic movement and 48 hours of power reserve.

This is a very limited line of watches, with only 22 pieces available. The Urwerk UR-100V T-Rex retails for $56,239 at Urwerk.com.