This Military-Inspired Watch Is the Most Accurate Mechanical Timepiece You Can Buy

Plus it can definitely beat up your Apple Watch.


(Photo: Urwerk)

No newfangled smartwatch will ever supplant a mechanical timepiece. But forgive us for being a bit skeptical if its ticking mechanism is always hitting its mark, giving us true to-the-millisecond accuracy.

Now, the new EMC Time Hunter from Urwerk lays our horological (look it up) anxieties to rest. It’s fully mechanical, but boasts an electronic feature that gauges both the movement and precision of the chronometer and then allows wearers to fine-tune the timing if its accuracy ever begins to slip.

As the name suggests, the watch literally lets wearers hunt down time.

(Photo: Urwerk)

And to be sure the chronometer is really doing its job right, the intricate clockwork is on near full display due to the sapphire crystal glass, which also gives it a badass, skeletal look.

(Photo: Urwerk)

Available in three case options, black, silver, and hunter green, the EMC Time Hunter has a starting price of $112,000 (yikes).

(Photo: Urwerk)

h/t Uncrate