Profess Your Junk Food Allegiance With These Tasty New Vans

Complete your feet with burgers, pizza, tacos and more.

vans late night pack

I’m a muncher. I like snacks. A lot. Over the holidays I wanted a slice of pizza and ended up devouring a large barbecue chicken pie from Pizza Hut, two bags of jelly beans and a supersize bag of Sour Patch Kids. Let me live.

One of my most significant problems is not being able to warn my friends about my love of snacks before they invite me to crash at their place. Short of letting crumbs of Nutter Butters dot my goatee (and that’s not going to happen because though I may be a lot of things, wasteful isn’t one) how else do I tell them that they might want to stock up before my visit? Thankfully, Vans has the answer.

In their aptly titled “Late Night Pack”, the iconic California skater brand has released three of their silhouettes in an ode to glorious junk food. We’re talking french fries, hamburgers, pizza, tacos and more, all done checkerboard style on your favorite slip ons. 

Available today, the men’s styles from range are $55 for low top and $70 for the hi-top. Check out all the tasty styles in the slide show.