The New Water-Resistant Vans ‘UltraRange’ Line Is Ready to Battle the Elements

This could be the most durable shoe they’ve made yet.


Vans knows its UltraRange line is a hit. It combined the look of its iconic striped low-top sneaker and weatherproofed it for unbeatable durability.

Now, the California sneaker giant is dropping a high-top variation, the Vans UltraRange Hi MTE, and you best believe the hype will be just as big.

(Photo: Vans)

You can buy them on now for an easy $95.

(Photo: Vans)

The UltraCush Lite midsole and sock-fit bootie construction your toes loved the first time around. The suede upper with nylon details from the UltraRange Pro are back for a more rarified alternative to your usual Vans kicks. 

Shop the suede UltraRange Pro model on for just $90.

(Photo: Vans)

The higher-reaching upper even better lends itself to winter, without totally veering into sneaker boot territory. Although you can wear them in lieu of a boot during rain or light snow, these are sneakers first and foremost.

They speak to Vans’ commitment to making shoes for athletes.

(Photo: Vans)

Vans UltraRange Hi MTE is up for grabs on for $95 in three chilled-out colorways—black, “glazed ginger” or pewter.