Vault by Vans and Modernica Debut Retro-Cool Chair and Sneaker Collection

Shell chairs that make a statement.

Vault by Vans

The legacy of California cool embodied by Vans was forged decades ago, back when first-wave skaters wore them to carve empty pools, surfers rocked them whenever they weren’t riding waves, and Jeff Spicoli memorably immortalized his checkerboard slip-ons in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. 

The brand’s classic canvas kicks have long been a casual style staple, and Vans has capitalized on its iconography by steadily churning out sneaker collaborations with everyone from NASA to Led Zeppelin

Vault by Vans

The latest capsule, courtesy of Vault by Vans and SoCal furniture firm Modernica, features a limited edition line of fiberglass shell chairs custom-printed with Vans archival patterns, as well as new versions of Vans Style 36 LX and OG Slip-On LX sneakers.

The L.A.-inspired shell chairs are wrapped in palm leaves, Hawaiian print, and (obviously) the classic black and white Vans checkerboard. They definitely have a fun, stylish vibe that puts most monochromatic chairs to shame, and are sure to be a visual centerpiece wherever you put them.  

Vault by Vans

Meanwhile, each limited-edition sneaker silhouette comes in three colorways: red-orange, black, and cream. The checkerboard print mixes in Hawaiian palm leaf motifs, while the Style 36 LX is tricked out with leather and checkered tongue.

Vans fans can buy the chairs and/or sneakers directly from the Vault by Vans x Modernica collection beginning February 23.