Underwear Line Branded ‘Sexist’ After Debuting Lingerie That Vibrates With Every World Cup Goal

It’s supposed to “get women excited” about soccer.

(Photo: vickyform/Instagram)

A lingerie brand from south of the border (Mexico, that is…) has been blasted as “sexist” for its breakthrough new vibrating panties.

No, that they vibrate is not the breakthrough. What’s buzz-worthy about them is that they pulse every time a goal is scored during the World Cup, in an effort to get ladies really, really excited about sports.

They are called, what else, “Feel the Game” underwear and go for $999 pesos ($48.32).

A commercial from the brand, Vicky Form, breaks down how they work: a girlfriend complains that her boyfriend spends more time watching sports on TV than paying attention to her, until she’s hooked up with a pair and comes around.


“We have created the first pair of [panties] that let you feel the passion of the game,” the narrator of the commercial intones in Spanish.

“The [panties] are linked to a robot that interprets the action and transforms it into vibrations in real time. The robot makes the panties move.”

Now, Vicky Form is catching a lot of heat on social media after dropping the commercial on Instagram, with commenters blasting it as “sexist.”

“A shame that a company ‘for women with attitude’ take out this kind of propaganda. When did they come to denigrate women like that?” wrote one incensed commenter on Instagram.


“How sad that a brand of female lingerie only know how to sell sexism, sex, and machismo,” another wrote.

One simply wrote, “Garbage!!!”

What do you think… would your girl be offended if you bought her a pair?

h/t Daily Mail