A Watch From Beyond the Grave

Hublot gets tastefully goth.

You don’t have to look beyond America’s obsession with NASCAR and the violence-riddled NFL to realize that we’re a country intoxicated by death. Now, there’s a way to display that affinity without watching humans injure themselves: the sleek, noirish Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Skull. This is a gothic watch whose design is bone deep: the minute tourbillon is a beautifully rendered skull that rotates every minute framed by humerus-shaped bridges. In addition, Hublot uses micro-oxidation to create a dark, ceramic-coated aluminum with the look and hardness of unpolished marble, a material you might recognize from the more expensive headstones. All this design is backed by Hublot’s famous manual-wind complication with a 5-day power reserve—enough juice for roundtrip jaunt across the Styx. [$92,000; hublot.com]

Photos by Hublot