Finally, a Completely Waterproof Pair of Crew Socks

It’s about time.


There are few things worse in modern life than wet socks. Whether it’s attempting to stay dry while camping or getting soaked through your shoes in that sidewalk puddle you attempted to ford on the way to work, a wet pair of socks can turn an otherwise average day into a miserable, damp hell.

That’s where Crosspoint Waterproof Crew Socks come in. 


These fantastic socks aren’t just comfortable, but completely waterproof thanks to a unique design developed by the rainwear company Shower Pass. 


The socks consists of three distinct laters: a wear-resistant exterior similar to your classic pair of crew socks; a comfortable Merino-wool wicking and anti-bacterial lining on the inside; and, sandwiched in between, a waterproof Artex membrane that keeps your feet dry while allowing them to breathe.

Shower Pass

The socks comes in a handful of different colors (including a bright neon design for when you’re aggressively peacocking at the gym). 


They’re currently selling for between $28 and $35 on Amazon, depending on the style.