The World’s First Waterproof Knit Sneakers Won’t Dampen Your Style

Stand up to the elements.

(Photo: Vessi)

(Photo: Vessi)

Knit sneakers are the hottest footwear craze, but they are effectively useless up against the elements.

Vancouver-based brand Vessi has put an end to your knit sneaker qualms with its genius invention—knit sneakers that are 100-percent waterproof.

It’s “CityScape” kicks are built from a one-piece circle knitting manufacturing process, which ensures no water can seep through.

You can even submerge these bad boys completely underwater, and your socks will still be dry.

Remarkably, they still boast all the same benefits of a knit sneaker. The stretchable fabric, a blend of polyester and nylon, is lightweight and somehow still breathable.

They’ve also got an added layer of “comfort lining,” sofeel free to ditch your socks as well.

(Photo: Vessi)

Available in midnight black, charcoal grey, arctic white and city green, the Men’s CityScape sneaker from Vessi Footwear goes for just $119.

h/t HiConsumption