This Is The Suit You Need For Unexpected Spring Showers

When weather strikes, we’ve got you covered.


Spring weather is the pits. Yeah, sure, we do like the return of warmer weather and brighter days but let’s not kid ourselves. We all know the adage: April showers bring May flowers. As such, dressing for the weather (not to mention the sometimes unexpected breeze) can be a real pain. 

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British-brand Private White V.C. aims to solve at least one of those problems with their seven-piece Eco Cotton suit. Sure they’re eco-friendly which is great or whatever, but the real selling point: the pieces are imbued with the company’s ECOSEAM technology, making them water resistant. Granted, we wouldn’t advise taking a dive in the pool, but a quick sprint from your car to the office door should be fine. And it beats arriving at work with water-logged pants.

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But back to that ec0-friendly bit. Most water resistant or waterproof fabrics focus on some sort of synthetic material. V.C. uses British cotton garbardine applied with ECOSEAM, which makes it a sustainable alternative to competitors. 

Check out the full range on the brand’s website