Wear This: Footlocker-Exclusive Starter NBA Jackets

The dream of the ‘90s is alive and kicking.

What it is: Foot Locker-Exclusive Starter NBA and Sports Authority-Exclusive NFL Jackets, $150

Why we like it: Just because the 1990s birthed Vanilla Ice and the phrase “all that and a bag of chips” doesn’t mean that we got it all wrong back then. Case in point: Starter’s new take on the classic satin NBA and NFL jackets, of which the NBA to be sold exclusively at Foot Locker while the NFL will be through Sports Authority. The iconic jacket will be part of a limited run, and while it doesn’t feature a front flap pocket anymore, it’s not like you have any Pogs to store in there anyway. (Do you still have Pogs? Seriously, if you do, get rid of those things. They will never be worth money.)

Where to get it:FootLocker.com