Wear This: Nautica Black Sail Collection

The brand raises its mast on an exclusive, upscale collection.

What it is: Nautica Black Sail Arctic anorak, $2,495

Why we like it: You know Nautica for great gear that takes care of you, either at work or play, and that will never change. But the brand, with its new Black Sail Collection, has started making clothes so special that for now, you’ll have to go to Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City to get them – that is, until next spring, when it blows into more retailers across the country.  Every piece in this high-end, pricier collection is crafted for peak performance and ultimate coolness to keep you warm and dry, whether you’re toughing out a raging blizzard on the North Pole  or getting slushed on a city street.

Where to get it: Saks Fifth Avenue, New York City

Photos by Photograph Courtesy of Nautica