What Armani Sounds Like

The luxury fashion brand teamed up with Spotify on a new app.

Emporio Armani is turning the volume up, fusing fashion and music with its new app, Emporio Armani Sounds

The app, which went live this week, follows on the brand’s series of live performances around the world, called Emporio Armani Sounds. In Paris, The Klaxons played. In Barcelona, Róisin Murphy. In New York, sets by DJs Ewan Pearson, Art Department and Seth Troxler. And the tour marches on. The app contains video from those shows—the Klaxons video, for example, is a flashy 2:21 clip overlaying the group’s music with video of their show and a lot of very well-dressed attendees—as well as regularly updated playlists from hot new artists. Roisin Murphy, for example, offers 15 tracks, including Airglow Fires by Lone and Going Around by Herbert.

And if the grooves get you moving, the app has a tab that directs you to the nearest Emporio Armani store.

Here’s a screenshot of the app:

[Top image via Emporio Armani Sounds.]

Photos by Courtesy of Armani