Why This Shaving Cream Is Laced with Caffeine

It’s not just to wake you up in the morning.

Just because you dream about coffee, make it right in your fridge and always have it at the perfect temperature never more than arm’s length away, does that mean you’re addicted? Okay, maybe it does. But rather than shy away, why not embrace your habitual stimulant intake further with a Caffeinated Shaving Set.

Other than getting an extra concentrated jolt as it absorbs into your skin, it’s got some properties that can actually reduce redness and keep your mug that much smoother and healthier. Speaking of which, it’s made from all safe, natural stuff (including the extracted caffeine).

Hey, if you’re gonna ditch the beard—since No-Shave November’s almost over—it might as well be with something good for you that bolsters your morning coffee’s punch. In fact, let’s take it a step further. Why not grab some bacon-flavored soap, maybe someone could invent egg-flavored toothpaste and you could just have breakfast without ever setting foot in the kitchen. Just a thought.

Photos by Pacific Shaving Co