Winter Wear II

Cold’s Curtain Call

As the weather wrings out the last of winter, so do we. While we thought we’d seen the worst of it, February in NYC saw so much snow we spent at least 10 minutes sledding in Central Park before we all decided hot toddies would be well-deserved after our exertion and headed to the nearest appropriate establishment. March is set to see some of the same, and while spring is certainly near, we thought we’d give you one last chilly blast of winter gear. Bonus: stores are now stocking Spring lines which means Winter is on sale: a good time to invest in that big shearling coat to keep for F/W 2011. We might look at you disdainfully and think (out loud perhaps, or not, we’ll see) that your jacket is SO F/W 2010, but don’t worry. Tom, Dick, and Harry’ll be none the wiser.

Models courtesy of Models International.