Play Ball with Wolverine x Rawlings 1000 Mile Boots

A classic Wolverine boot gets updated with iconic baseball glove leather in this hard-hitting style collab.

wolverine rawlings boot collab promo

You know that baseball is as American as apple pie, but what about leather boots? In our book, the right, American-made leather boots are as patriotic as it gets, and that’s what we love about the new Wolverine x Rawlings 1000 Mile Boots.

Don’t think your eyes are deceiving you, either. Just as baseball ramps up for summer, and just as baseball fans and style aficionados step back out into the world, the two legendary brands (Rawlings was founded way back in 1887) have come up with a pair of boots that get our stamp of approval.


When you think about it, Rawlings is as fitting a partner as any for this upgrade of a Wolverine classic. Rawlings uses durable Horween leather from Chicago to make its Rawlings Heart of the Hide® leather gloves, and you might recognize the Rawlings name from the Golden Glove Award, given to the top fielder at each position.


“The shared passion that both Wolverine and Rawlings have for high-quality craftsmanship and celebrating beloved American pastimes with families, fans, and players are at the heart of this collaboration,” said Tom Kennedy, global brand president for Wolverine.

The boots are a sight to behold (kind of like a baseball stadium on a sunny summer day), featuring a Rawlings logo tag on the tongue, a contrasting red heel and collar numbering that mirrors Rawlings gloves.


And anyone who’s ever had a game of catch with a Rawlings glove recognizes its durable stitching — two pairs of laces are delivered with these newly iconic boots, designed to mirror Rawlings glove stitching.

The boots, which are available for pre-order right now at the agreeable price of $400, debut on June 1st. They’re the perfect pair of boots to lace up with light wash jeans and a logo tee to head to the ballpark or your favorite sports bar.

As with most things Wolverine, they’ll last and last beyond just this summer, though. The next time you want to pay homage to America’s pastime with iconic boots, you know what to wear. All you’re missing now are the peanuts and Crackerjack.