Woman Protests “Sexy” PacSun T-Shirts by Buying Entire Supply

Worst. Protest. Ever.

We don’t know how you do things down in New Yaaawk City, but down in Utah, slapping a sexy lady on a T-shirt and marketing it to impressionable teens at the mall is grounds for public stoning. Or at least grounds for a disapproving local mom to reward you with a fuck-ton of money. In protest. Because…wait, what?

Utah woman Judy Cox made national news this week, when she was horrified to find that T-shirts depicting scantily clad models in provocative poses were on display in the window of her local mall’s PacSun – the very same PacSun where she was shopping with her 19-year-old son. Who is an adult male.

For the uninitiated, PacSun is like the deranged mutant baby that would result from drunken intercourse between Hollister and Hot Topic. It is the worst. But still, most people who find an item in a store to be offensive would express that by simply not buying said item. Maybe they’d even boycott the entire store and refuse to shop there, period. Not Judy Cox. Judy Cox goes ahead and buys every last smutty shirt in the store’s inventory – 19 shirts, including the displays – so that no one else in town need be subjected to such filth while waiting for a table at the Olive Garden.

The total for the shirts came to $567, which Judy paid in full before (presumably) leaking news of her courageous and totally selfless act to the media. Boy, she really taught PacSun a lesson. But please don’t ask us what that lesson is; we honestly have no idea. And on a separate note, Judy, you would not BELIEVE the pornographic garbage they are selling at the newsstand on Level 3. Something called…Maxim? You should go buy every last copy immediately, before your teen son gets a hold of it and locks himself in the basement for two weeks with a bottle of lotion and a box of tissues. That‘s not the sound of praying.