Your Converse Chuck Taylors Are Nice, But These Are Better

The iconic sneaker gets a high-tech upgrade.

Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star style is iconic. You know it, I know it, the Brooklyn Museum of Art knows it, everyone knows it. Since the style was introduced back in 1917, it really hasn’t changed that much because of how perfect that original version was. There was no reason to screw with something so ace. Well, until now.

After 98 years, the original Chuck Taylor All Star gets an update in the All Star II. Calm down, there hasn’t been some crazy trash stuck onto your favorite kicks. In fact, this new design looks very similar in silhouette to the original. The difference: the technology.

Sure “wearable tech” sounds geeky but when it’s as simple as a Nike Lunarlon sockliner for cushion and arch support, perforated suede for some moisture wicking, and a foam padded collar to make it an all around comfortable piece, it sounds just right. Like the original, they come in high top and low top styles so if you really wanted to you could wear them with some ridiculous socks, but it’s better to just let them speak on their own. Whatever you do though, remember that Chucks look so much better after you’ve worn them in and made them your own.

Cop yours starting July 28 for $75.