Unwind With Zenith’s New Carbon Fiber Skeleton Watch

The Zenith Defy Classic Carbon boasts all-carbon fiber case and dial.

carbon zenith watch promo

If you’ve been on the hunt for a watch like no other, a watch that’s (nearly) as light as a feather with bold styling to match, you’ve found your next investment-level timepiece. The Zenith Defy Classic Carbon Watch arrives boldly on the scene to shake up the watch market, featuring full carbon fiber construction like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Zenith’s Defy Classic Carbon features an all-carbon bracelet and case, clocking in at just 65 grams in terms of weight. It’s a feat of technical innovation and savvy that also looks seriously cool and eye-catching, to say the very least. The Elite Skeleton movement is also on full display, yet another unique feature that makes this watch a cut above the rest (or heck, several miles above the rest).


The going price for a timepiece this bold and inventive? $19,500, but the great news is, this is one spend-worthy timepiece you can actually wear rather than keep locked behind glass.

Zenith used its history in making lightweight titanium watches to strike the right balance when it came time to craft this all-carbon fiber watch. In the past, watchmakers have been foiled when trying to design the bracelet out of carbon, but Zenith’s prowess makes this watch a functional, winning design all around.

Zenith says that this watch’s “lightness, comfort and visual impact are bound to intrigue,” and we’d be very hard-pressed to argue with that designation. Both the case and the strap have remarkable visual depth as a result of the carbon fiber construction, making for a watch that’s incredibly distinctive anywhere.