Purple Reign: Zenith Unveils Defy 21 Ultraviolet High-Frequency Watch

This striking purple timepiece practically screams, “Let’s Go Crazy.”


If Prince was still with us we know what kind of watch he might like: the new Defy 21 Ultraviolet, just unveiled by Zenith. It’s a stunning purple timepiece that pops off the page and makes the kind of statement luxury watchmakers are sometimes a little too buttoned-down to try. 

The Defy isn’t just about the standout color—the watchmaker has a specific reason for going with this dramatic look: the watch runs off Zenith’s El Primero 21 movement. It beats at a frequency of 50 Hz, providing uncommon accuracy down to 1/100th of a second.


Violet encompasses the greatest range of visible color on the spectrum—the highest frequency—so the color choice is in harmony with the Defy’s internal workings.

The Defy 21 has two high-frequency timekeeping escapements, one for timekeeping and the other for the chronograph. The case is 44mm with nicely-integrated lugs and ergonomic straps. It is made from a micro-blasted and monochrome titanium, which provides a striking gray contrast with the purple design elements.


The strap is rubber and violet fabric and has a matching micro-blasted titanium clasp. Zenith considers the Defy line sports watches but this one can obviously go anywhere you want to take it. 

This edition the Defy 21 is watchmaking first, according to Zenith, so it’s pretty much a ready-made collectible. 

It retails for $13,100 and you can learn more at zenith-watches.com.