You Can Now Rent This Stunning Scottish 'Airship' Cabin on Airbnb

The eco-friendly beauty boasts space-age design and incredible views of the Scottish Highlands.
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Airbnb is currently listing a striking rental property for anyone looking for a secluded waterfront getaway in the Scottish Highlands. 

Perched on a four-acre site on the banks of the Sound of Mull in Drimnin, Scotland, the "Airship 2" is a one-bed, one-bath aluminum tiny house designed by UK-based firm Roderick James Architects. 

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Between two and four guests can be accommodated in a four-poster bed and two bunks, though the cozy space is probably best suited for a couple. Inside is a desk space, counter with fold-out table, galley worktop, built-in cupboards, sink, refrigerator, sofa and easy chairs. 

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Double-glazed floor-to-ceiling windows cover both ends of the construction, providing stunning views of the surrounding countryside. And for totally unimpeded scenes, there's a small two-seat balcony overlooking the water. 

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Built with an eco-friendly mission in mind, the Airship 2's roof can be used to channel rainwater that can be stored underneath floor panels, while high-quality aluminum pivot-tilt portholes provide ventilation, as the unit doesn't have an air conditioner. Its frame is made of weather-proof aluminum and stainless insulated components that are wholly recyclable. 

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The Airship 2 is actually one of five prefabricated aluminum and stainless steel living pods by Roderick James Architects, which will build one on commission, according to Designboom. It can be dismantled and reassembled at a new location by two people in about a week, though any guests at the Drimnin location should obviously refrain from doing so. 

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Book a stay for $194 per night on Airbnb's website right now. See more images of the quaint cabin below: 

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