Barbados Invites Remote Workers to Come Stay For a Year

Check into your next Zoom meeting from the tropical paradise that gave us Rihanna.

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As a writer and editor working from home, this had me scrambling for my passport: Insider reports that Barbados just instituted what it calls the Barbados Welcome Stamp. 

The Welcome Stamp is a visa that allows remote workers from pretty much anywhere—including the United States—to live and work for a year in the same gorgeous Caribbean nation that gave us Rihanna

On the web page for this program published by the Barbadian government, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley writes:

We recognise more people are working remotely, sometimes in very stressful conditions, with little option for vacation. Our new 12 month Barbados Welcome Stamp is a visa that allows you to relocate and work from one of the world’s most beloved tourism destinations.

We believe we have something very special to offer on this little rock we call Barbados. Our friendly people, professional services, commitment to education and importantly safety and security, all make Barbados an ideal place to live for both singles and families.

It’s hard to believe a year in Barbados would be good for remote workers. Someone like me, who would have to invest heavily in SPF 1,000 sunblock to survive without constant danger of skin cancer, might be fine staying in and working as usual. But a year with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world a short drive away, as well as incredible surf? Or in the same country that gave us rum as well as Rihanna?  

It would take some major self-discipline to maintain a focus on work with all that available.

Barbados’ greatest export along with rum.

There are fees: $2,000 for an individual and $3,000 for a family. Also, applicants must be able to “expect to earn an income of US $50,000.00 or more over the next 12 months and/or have the means to support.”

The opportunity is there, however, and the reason it is notable that Americans are welcome too is some countries aren’t allowing anyone from the United States inside their borders due to poorly-controlled COVID-19 transmission.

Now all you’ll need is a map of Barbados beaches where there are open wifi signals.