The Boomkamp Treehouse Hotel Is Built for a Luxury Glamping Getaway

Camp in high style in this unique forest escape.


Perhaps when you envision a getaway right now, you think of hopping in a car and driving up the coast, retreating into the mountains or finding a cabin so perfectly tucked away, it’s astonishing it exists at all.

We’re with you, but we’ve got our sights set a little higher when the time comes — literally. If ever you’ve dreamed of living like a true outdoorsman, high up in the trees, add the Boomkamp Treehouse Hotel to your dream travel bucket list. Nestled in Belgium’s Ryckevelde Forest, this treehouse hotel nearly seems too good to be true.


Dreamed up by Tobias Knockaert and Kika Merlin, the Boomkamp Treehouse Hotel offers a lodging experience unlike any other, to say the very least. For starters, you’ll be staying not far from an actual castle (Castle Ryckevelde, to be exact).

You’ve also got your pick of six well-appointed, real-life treehouses (available from July to September), finished off with a durable tarpaulin roof and a private balcony.


To start your day, enjoy breakfast (priced separately from your stay) in the castle — seriously. Guests can ascend to each treehouse via a fixed staircase, and your evening in the trees awaits. Each treehouse is complete with electricity and a hanging lamp, plus linens and of course, a real bed (no more roughing it out in the wild, folks).

The setting is picturesque and serene, the ability to unplug is nearly unmatched (and certainly unprecedented in this day and age), and the price is highly agreeable — a night’s stay for a maximum of two people per treehouse will run you just about $118 USD).

For the adventure of a lifetime and a lodging experience unlike any other, we can’t think of any cooler place at the moment than the Boomkamp Treehouse Hotel. Your dream vacation in the great outdoors awaits.