Riva Unveils Exclusive Yacht Deck On Lake Como

The iconic Italian yachtbuilder just opened a dreamy dock on Lake Como.

(Photo: Riva)

Riva doesn’t just make the world’s most beautiful wooden cruising boats, the Italian yachtbuilder’s Riva Destinations also oversees luxe properties in Venice, Monte Carlo, Paris, Mykonos, Opatija and Palm Beach.

And those yacht-ready outposts are now joined by the new Riva Private Deck on Lake Como, Italy, an iconic destination for the international jet set.

Riva’s latest Private Deck experience is located in Lèzzeno, located a few miles from Bellagio inside the historic Yacht Club Eriolario, and is set against the stunning backdrop of Lake Como’s eastern bank.

(Photo: Riva)

It’s the first Private Deck launched by Riva in Italy and just the second in the world, joining the Nammos Beach property on the Greek island of Mykonos.

“The new Riva Private Deck on Lake Como will be an elite hub for owners, offering exclusive services and a place where they can relax and soak up the Riva atmosphere,” the brand announced in a statement. “Several Riva yachts will also be available for hire to explore Lake Como.”

(Photo: Riva)

The Lake Como deck features Riva’s signature design details, including plenty of chrome-plating and mahogany wood accents.

All the furnishings—including Aquarama tables and chairs, Aquariva lamps and cushions with aquamarine details—are culled from the Riva Brand experience collection to double down on the boatbuilder’s distinctive ethos.

More information about the Lake Como Private deck and the Riva Brand Experience—a feature of all Riva Lounges, Privées and Decks— can be found on Riva’s official site here.