Take A Historical Luxury Cruise With Smithsonian Journeys In 2025

Cruising to the Canary Islands, Tunisia, Mallorca and other exotic locales.

(PONANT/Smithsonian Journeys)

A new way of seeing the world through the lens of both history and luxury awaits on the horizon, and that combination is at the center of newly announced 2025 voyages from PONANT and Smithsonian Journeys.

Smithsonian Journeys is the travel arm of the Smithsonian Institution, a change of pace from a typical day at the museum, and one that embraces both expert historical insights and exotic destinations.

(PONANT/Smithsonian Journeys)

A total of 30 itineraries (the most ever offered across four years of the partnership) will span the globe and “feature notable experts and experiences that embrace local cultures and dive deeper into a destination’s history, cuisine, language, environment, and wildlife.”

(PONANT/Smithsonian Journeys)

Highlights are numerous, including a planned October 2025 cruise along Iberia and the eastern Atlantic, covering Lisbon, the Algarve Coast, Morocco and distinct spots like La Palma and Tenerife.

The Greek Islands and Malta are also part of other itineraries that promise lush backdrops and historical immersion.

(PONANT/Smithsonian Journeys)

Other new itineraries include an early October trip through Sicily, Sardinia, and Mallorca (starting at $5,340 per person), with an eight-day voyage covering historic markets in Palermo and the baroque palazzi of the Cagliari, Sardinia.

A January jaunt through Panama and Costa Rica on the PONANT ship Le Bellot is even geared towards outdoor and nature enthusiasts, covering ecosystems, national parks and an exclusive tour of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute’s Punta Culebra Nature Center (starting at $6,054 per person).

(PONANT/Smithsonian Journeys)

Another trip, running in June and September, also treks through Sicily, and notably includes a stop at the historical site of Carthage: Not your average daily shore excursion, to be sure.

If breathtaking vistas, world-renowned historical sites and expert historical insights from The Smithsonian itself sound highly appealing, then one of your next 2025 trips could already be in the works via Smithsonian Journeys and PONANT.