These Are The World’s Most Instagrammable Hotels, Ranked

A travel company analyzed 80 top hotels and ranked them by the number of hashtagged pics shared on Instagram.

(Villa d’Este)

Travelers looking to check into a photogenic hotel would do well to book a room at one of these camera-ready retreats.

Experts at Dubai Tours & Tickets analyzed 80 top hotels worldwide and ranked them by the total number of hashtagged pictures uploaded to Instagram, according to the New York Post. Despite the ostensibly impartial and data-driven methodology, it’s worth pointing out that the top two spots went to Dubai properties.

Behold the travel agency’s list of the world’s most Instagammable hotels, including the number of hashtags they’ve amassed so far.

10. Claridge’s

London, UK – 84,300

9. Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Singapore –  96,900

8. Hôtel Ritz Paris

Paris, France – 97,100

7. Giraffe Manor

Nairobi, Kenya – 117,000

6. Beverly Hills Hotel

Los Angeles, California – 143,000

5. Bellagio

Las Vegas, Nevada – 187,000  

4. Villa d’Este

Lake Como, Italy – 201,000

3. Soneva Jani

Manadhoo, Maldives – 423,000

2. Atlantis, The Palm

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 673,000  

1. Burj Al Arab

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 2.5 Million