A Really Goddamn Fast Lamborghini on a Racetrack

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In a memorable scene in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, a tuxedoed Bruce Wayne arrives to a glitzy fundraiser in a jet black Lamborghini, stops at the curb, revs the mighty V12, and the coupe expels a handful of models. That’s a Lamborghini in the city: a dashing, loud golf cart, tooling slowly if stylishly around, confined by the street. 

Thank God we took the best Lamborghini ever to the track, where it could roam. In this hot clip, Maxim's own Mike Guy takes the screaming Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce around Spain’s torturous Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya at the speed at which it was meant to be driven. Carbon-fiber wing up, tires screaming, and engine on full boil: watch us flog the top Lambo just about as fast as we can. This is no city mouse.

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