Worst Tattoos: This Woman Has Steve Buscemi’s Face on Her Ankle

And we’ve got an exclusive clip.

If you haven’t seen TLC’s America’s Worst Tattoos, boy are you in for a treat. The reality show, about fixing epic tattoo mistakes (by transforming them into larger yet still less oppressive tattoos), returns to the airwaves in April, but in the meantime we’ve got an exclusive clip from the new season. Meet Lizz, a professional tattoo artist who allowed a co-worker to practice his portraiture skills on her leg and has been paying for it ever since—with a droopy, horrifying tattoo of actor Steve Buscemi’s face, permanently emblazoned on her calf. This is gonna be loads of fun…

Watch the season premiere of America’s Worst Tattoos on Thursday, April 4th on TLC, followed by the premiere of NY Ink.To see more original videos and hundreds of hours of classic behind-the-scenes shoots, check out the Maxim app on Xbox 360!

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