The 10 Most Beautiful First Wives of Hollywood

The dissolution of any marriage is sad, but these women used their first as a step unto greater things.

As Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian have demonstrated, death is not always what ends a celebrity marriage—more often, it’s boredom, infidelity, or the end of a reality show contract. As such, many of Hollywood’s biggest stars and couples (Brangelina and Bennifer among them) are taking their second or third ride on the matrimonial Tilt-a-Whirl. While the “First Wives Club” is fictional, we can only assume that the movie’s screenwriters took some of the barbs and schemes overheard at The Ivy and incorporated them into a feature film. Here’s to the women rewriting the narrative of the first wife—bimbos of the world, hear them roar!

Photos by PHOTO BY: Neville Marriner /Associated Newspapers/REX USA