10 Shots That Made Gisele Bündchen the World’s Most Famous Supermodel

Celebrate Mrs. Brady’s 38th birthday.

Gisele Bündchen, the iconic Brazilian supermodel and wife to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, celebrates her 38th birthday today, and we’re celebrating with her.

After emerging as one of the breakout runway stars of the late 1990s, Bündchen signed a $25 million Victoria’s Secret contract in the new millennium. She was named the top-earning model in 2002 and held onto the title for 15 years.

Famed for her impossible long legs and athletic figure, she was dubbed “The Body” by top designers and single-handedly brought down the “heroine chic” look of the ’90s.


Bündchen officially retired from the runway in 2016, having her final catwalk at the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and has since been eclipsed by Kendall Jenner as the highest-paid supermodel.

But her presence is still felt. Her angular features are still seen in fashion campaigns for Givenchy, and her championing of ethically produced and environmentally friendly fashion was the basis of Vogue‘s July 2018 cover story.

“Can Gisele Save the Planet?” asked the title of her Vogue piece. We just think she might.